Welcome to the interactive game of Air France and KLM for slovakian IATA and non IATA travel agencies

All you have to do is to enter on working days (Monday-Friday ) the  EMD number issued at your travel agency in Slovakia for Air France( Seat Plus, Seat Duo , Seat Duo A380 upper deck , Front cabin seats) or KLM  (Economy Comfort , Extra Legroom , Preferred seats ) for individual and group reservations on Air France (057) or KLM (074) ticket stocks between the 16/03/2015 and the 16/04/2015 sold to any long haul destination and be lucky when scratching for one of our many Air France KLM gifts!

Playing the game is easy, but you will definitely need Good Fortune by your side to become one of the lucky winners!

Gifts are waiting for the winners :Designer's umbrellas,  USB sticks , Key rings ,Plane models , Branded bags and many more...

Three simple steps to win:

1. Identify yourself by entering your personal data

2. Enter the EMD number

3. Be lucky!:)

Best regards,

AFKLDL Sales Team


Current game is available until the 16.04.2015 18h00.

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